Why do you need an approved skid plate SHERIFF?

An approved engine, transmission case and transfer box, steering rods or rear differential skid plate “SHERIFF” is a metal casing that protects most important elements and components located in the under carriage of your vehicle, timing and conditioner belts from dust, mud and various obstacles from outside (branches, stones, sand), electrical connectors and wiring from oxidation. It also carries out an anti-thief function, preventing an unauthorized access to control units and alarm systems.

An approved skid plate SHERIFF allows to:

  • protect engine bay of your vehicle from sudden damage as a result of head-on crash, driving into hatches and other surprises on the road;
  • avoid additional costs connected with engine replacement in case of head-on crash;
  • protect engine mechanisms and electric wiring from dust and mud;

    carry out point directional cooling of thermally laden units by means of technological apertures;

  • improve aerodynamic characteristics and road adherence of your car due to optimal airflow direction;
  • avert any possible noise or vibration during driving thanks to special rubber spacers which prevent contact with car body;
  • preserve suspension members of the vehicle in initial condition as installation is carried out only on regular apertures in the car body (without any drilling) with corrosion resistant fasteners and bolts.

An approved skid plate SHERIFF is an essential element of your vehicle's heart protection!