Warranty and Technical Support

Metalloproduksia being a manufacture of approved skid plates offers 2 year warranty period. An approved skid plate “SHERIFF” is produced only from a high quality steel and aluminum.

Additional advantages of approved engine, transmission case and transfer box, steering rods or rear differential skid plate “SHERIFF”:

- secure protection of not only engine but of the whole engine compartment due to necessary rigidity and strength of the under guard;

- reduplication of the engine compartment without clearance reduction as a result of computer engineering and estimation of the under guard's 3D model;

- cushion impact and absorb power in case of head-on crash. Plastic deformation degree is estimated by a special software;

- construction of the skid plate “SHERIFF” allows to cover maximum possible square and safe engine from troubles on the road;

Guarantee terms:

- installation of the product by a dealer;

- absence of mechanical damages of the skid plate “SHERIFF” resulting from head-on crush;

- compliance with all installation requirements;

- cleaning of the product not rarely than once in three months.

Only approved skid plate “SHERIFF” is worked out particularly for your vehicle.

Ensure your safety and comfortable driving with approved skid plate “SHERIFF”.